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Our People

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Kim Cole

Corporate and Commercial - Associate Solicitor

Kim works alongside the Monitoring Officer at Essex County Council to ensure that decision making across the Council is undertaken in a clear and transparent way, with due regard to risk and reputational implications.


Establishing robust governance arrangements for transparent decision making through the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP), the second largest LEP outside of London. This is the business-led, public/private body established to drive economic growth across East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock. Work can be varied. In 2015 Kim established a s101 joint committee with representatives from each of the partner authorities, which provides a platform for transparent decision making on funding decisions across the region. The model put in place has recently received recognition from central government and is being presented as one of national best practice. In order to ensure compliance with government guidelines and expectations a number of key governance documents and policies have been prepared and approved by the Board and government, including the Assurance Framework and the SELEP Terms of Reference, supported by appropriate policies including Hospitality, Declarations of Interest, and Code of Conduct.


Kim is also part of the team of the legal advisors for the Council on the North Essex Garden Communities projects. This involves consideration of complex company structures, oversight of local plans, consultation with government on regulations, and joint working with colleagues in Health, Education and Social Care.


Kim has responsibility for providing advice across the authority to officers, Chief Executive and Councillors, supporting their decision making through Cabinet and Council. I also provide advice and support to a number of boards and committees, including the Cabinet and Council, Police, Fire and Crime Panel, Corporate Governance Steering Board, the Regional Anti-Slavery Group, and the Health and Well-being Board.


Together with the Monitoring Officer, Kim has responsibility for maintaining the Constitution, Code of Conduct for Members, other key governance documents, ensuring that they are fit for purpose.


Kim has also conducted a number of investigations into alleged breaches against the Code of Conduct by Councillors, reporting the findings to the Joint Standards Committee.

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