Our People

Our People

Natasha Taylor, Head of Advocacy

Natasha Taylor

Dispute Resolution and Enforcement - Legal Services Manager

Natasha’s experience includes all aspects of criminal law, child protection, environmental, education, mental health, discrimination matters, licensing and public inquiries.  Due to her wealth and depth of experience in the public sector, Natasha has been involved in a number of influential projects, including being invited to advise the European Commission on matters of law and procedure.


Natasha provides help and support to a diverse range of clients, adopting a problem solving approach to all key issues. She has been instrumental in devising policies and protocols to further her client’s objectives in the most effective and cost efficient way. 


Natasha has Higher Rights of Advocacy in Criminal and Civil Courts.  Natasha advises on the Council Membership Committee of the Law Society and the In-House Solicitor Committee of the Law Society.

Relevant Experience

  • Undertakes all aspects of child protection matters
  • District Council prosecutions including Benefit Fraud, Fly Tipping, Food Hygiene, and Noise Abatement
  • Prosecutions on behalf of Essex Fire and Rescue
  • Case management and representation for schools and the Local Authority in respect of SENT matters specialising in Disability Discrimination tribunals
  • Trading Standards Prosecutions including underage sales, Breach of Trade Mark Legislation and applications under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  • Prosecutions on behalf of the Education Department for failing to ensure regular school attendance
  • Trials in relation to prosecutions for breach of community sentences on behalf of the Probation Service
  • Environmental Health Prosecutions
  • Representing the Flood Water Management Team in respect of actions against third parties to ensure protection against flooding
  • Advising the European Commission on alternatives to custody for young offenders and other high profile advisory work
  • Advocating at Coroners’ health related inquests on behalf of NHS bodies
  • Providing legal advice and support to witnesses, drafting and/or reviewing of witness statements, drafting of legal submissions to the coroners, drafting of Serious Incidents Reports
  • Drafting policy and procedural documents for Local Authorities and schools
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